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Climate change is relentless and ongoing, and the world’s deserts are heating up. Desert species already live life on the edge and can give us early warning of the impacts of change.

The Hot Birds Project studies the behaviour & physiology of desert birds to understand and predict their responses to climate change.

We investigate the thermal physiology and behaviour of birds. We study birds at both community and species levels, and our core goal is to understand how and why they are likely to cope – or fail to cope – in a hotter world. Along the way we are making exciting discoveries and adding to our knowledge of thermal biology, ecophysiology, behavioural ecology and life history strategies.

We are a productive research group with a high annual output of scientific publications. We publish papers in both international and local peer-reviewed journals, as well as articles in popular literature to make our research more accessible to the general public. Visit this page and follow the links to read our key publications.

Read about our current research opportunities and how you can apply to study with the HotBirds Research Team

Meet the partners and sponsors of the Hot Birds Research Project! Without the support of these organisations, our research would not be possible.

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